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Combined Slotted Panels

MY-3 outlet box owns many new features, which makes the installation and operation convenient and safe.Usually, the outlet box is set under the floor surface,and in any position of access floor. Inside of outlet box,every single panel with sockets can be interchanged, and any combination is allowed; and the panel without sockets can be used when there’s no precise requirements or the solution is still up in the air.The flexibility of sockets combination makes all the cable system in the room integrated. Outlet box’s frame part is texture finish which helps dirt-resistant, and there are two color choices for the covering---- light gray and charcoal.
There is a reinforced steel board embedded in the covering frame, which you can reverse and remove from the frame. And the steel board is fixed lower than the frame, which makes space for 7mm thick carpet or other covering materials on bare finish access floor. Under the access floor, there are holes for the cable at the same height. The cables packed by jacket can get through the hole from one side of outlet box,and reach out of the covering safely. Frame can be reverse too, and there’s a unique screw system that can adjust the steel board’s position offering flexible space for different thick of carpets. The operating screws makes installation and removal quick and effective. When you want to remove the sockets panel inside, you just loose two screws and take off the socket panel,and you don’t need to remove the whole frame of outlet box, so the other power,communication and data system are still working while you are removing sockets in one outlet box.


Technical specifications and installation

Material: fire-resistant ABS, spray-painted steel floor
Strength: Only if are there some fastening support for the outside frame, the outlet box can resist a little load by accident. The load of the box is much lower than access floor. If there’s any special request, give us details.
Fire-resistance: The out case of outlet box is made of steel which is noncombustible.
Chemical property: non-corroding
Water absorption :
The outlet box can be used

The outlet box should be installed under the void of raised access floor. The position and quantity should be according to owner’s request. We suggest that use at least one outlet box in 10 sqm area, and use one outlet box in not less than 4 sqm area. In another word,