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In current technical environment, static electricity will damage sensibility of electronic Components and fire inflammable gas.Huatong antistatic floor panel can solve the above problems.



  • Dirt and dust can be cleared completely from Huatong conductive panel and dissapative panel surface. Light color is easy to be dirty and need clear more often.

  • Clear panel surface with machine and neutral solution, then wash with clean water.A Little bit dirty surface can be wiped with wet mop. Anyway, it also should be cleaned with machine at regular intervals. Seriously dirty surface should be cleaned in commercial cleaning way,such as cleaning machine,artificial cleaning pad,etc.Must wash with clean water after any cleaning process to clean any balanced neutral solution.

  • The panel should be maintained by spray polishing. This period can keep high gloss and protect panel from scratch and striking.

  • Wax is not allowed to use on Conductive and dissapative panel surface except spray polishing. Using wax regularly will make insulating film. We suggest to use a kind of high speed polishing machine(750Rmp or above) if want to have wet effect.