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Hua Tong floor won a bid of Shanghai Jing'an Dazhongli project in April,2014 (calcium sulphate floor


ShanghaiJing’an Dazhongli

Foundedin 1925, "Dazhongli" is one of the best preserved and largestShikumen buildings in Shanghai.

The projectis located in the core area of Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District. It is inthe south of Nanjing Road, and near the Shimenyi Road (facing the Four SeasonsHotel). In its south is Weihai Road and east is Qinghai Road (facing theShanghai Radio and Television Building). And the project occupies nearly 63,000square meters. 

Thiswill be the first real estate project of Swire Group, the veteran giant realestate, in Shanghai.

Theformer chair of Swire Group, Jian Jifu said that the total investment will beless than 10 billion Yuan.

Andthe project of Jing’an Dazhongli will surpass Xintiandi becoming the newlandmark of top entertainment in Shanghai.


Dazhongliintegrated development project area is located near the Jing'an District,Shanghai , Nanjing West Road , Jing'an District . The project is composed ofJingan No. 40 and Dazhong No.46 which is being built.

Theentire project site to the east of Qinghai Road, south to Weihai , Shimen allthe way west to the north to Nanjing West Road .

The46 plots are in the whole neighborhood north of Wujiang between 40 and 46.

Theproject is a of the comprehensive development projects, including three hotels,two towers and integrated commercial shopping centers , the No. 40 project hasfive towers (T1 170 meters high , T2 high 250 m , T3 high 71 m , T5 high 71.05meters , 77.75 meters high T6 ).

Thereare a number of bridges connected between North and South Plaza and thecommercial podium , around the building , as well as displaced people withinplots Secondary School excellent historical buildings. No. 46 is the mainbuilding block of a commercial building theater ( no basement ) .

Thetotal construction area of ??486740 m2, of which the groundfloor area 312356 m2, underground construction area of ??174384 m2.


InDecember 2002 , HKR International made ??Dazhongli plots of land use rights fromJing'an District government in 1.306 billion Hong Kong dollars.

November25, 2006 , British background Swire Properties acquired 50% of HKR ShanghaiDazhongli ‘s interest in development projects.

Theexcavation has been completed in late 2012 and will be whole complete at theend of 2015 and be in use in phases in 2016.

Asfor the purpose for Swire, in future Dazhongli project will become one ofShanghai's top leisure and entertainment consumption landmark.

Theprospects for the overall volume of nearly 300,000 square meters of commercialgathering area , the project developer HKR International Vice Chairman andManaging Director Victor Cha said that in the future there is certainly betterthan the New World.

HKRInternational is of the well-known industrialist Cha Chi Ming, the second sonof Mrs. Cha Chi Ming , general manager and executive director of HKRInternational Director zing to the former vice chairman of China SecuritiesRegulatory Commission is Laura Cha .

Foundedin 1972, Swire Properties is one of the UK subsidiary of the Swire Group ,which is currently in China has reached 1,000,000 square meters of real estateprojects with a total gross floor area .