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ShenzhenTaiping financial building project of Huatong floor started working in April 2014 (steel flo


Taiping financial building is located at the confluence of three roads, the building's function is used for office and commercial

The project land parcel number is B203-0022, covers an area of 8,056.02 square meters, covers an area of 3,623 square meters, a total construction area of about 130,000 square meters, the volume rate is less than 12.45, coverage rate is below 60%, the design height is 228 metres, the structureform is the steel structure, 4 layers underground, 48 floors on the ground, the 1-5 layer as the podium for business,the rest layers as the office area.

Area: 8,056.02 square meters

Meter volume of construction area: 100,300 square meters

Volume rate: <12.45

Coverage: ≤ 60%

Land transaction price: 5,900 million yuan

Investors: the China Taiping Insurance Group Co, Pacific Property Insurance Company, the insurance (China) Co., Ltd., Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Shenzhen branch

Developers: Taiping home (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Architectural design: Japan design companies, Shenzhen Design Institute