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2014 April China floor Shenzhen bank building project completed successfully (calcium sulfate floor


Investment bank building (first businessbuilding) form idea comes from the implicit "1", the microlandscape, public space, combining the self-use office,Strengthen the rising trend and attitude, reveal the vibrant force, to build up to its name, the faithful "first business building.

Project is located in the shenzhen convention and exhibition center near the heart of the international financial centres, with international image.On the function, intensive advanced intelligent hardware configuration, is an international standard for the super 5A grade A office building.The total construction area of 50551 square meters, including the underground 4layer (construction area of 15149 square meters), the ground layer 20(construction area of 35402 square meters), a height of 117 meters.

land parcel number:B116-0076

Land usage:Commercial Office

Type:Business land

Address:Futian District Fuhua Road South

Acreage:4111.12 square meters

overall floorage:50,551square meters

The volume of construction area:35,000 square meters

plot ratio:8.5

Building coverage: ≤ 70