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Guangzhou agile project of Huatong floor center commenced in Guangzhou March 2014 (steel floor area


Guangzhou agile center super grade office buliding

A landmark commercial project added to the pearl river new town, the headquarters of the three core economic zones

Built by agile group, it is located in Huaxia road, pearl river new city. As a high-level office building, Guangzhou agile center held a grand Capping ceremony on July 26. The leaders of agile attaché great attention to this center for it is the first project of commerce, indicating that agile is joining in the field of pure commercial events. And the chairman of the board MR.Chen Zhuo AND MS. Lin, vice President personally attended the ceremony.

It is reported, agile center is the first pure commercial project, a super grade office building in Guangzhou, lying on CBD huaxia road, the centre of Guangzhou city with a total land area of 6805 square meters, a total construction area of 120000 square meters. There’s a total layers of 44 with 39 layers on the ground, 5 layers undergrounds.

Agile center is constucted by agile group teaming up with the world's top designing firm SOM. There’s no beam and column inside the building, and the space is flexible. The surface is covered by full glass curtain wall design so the vision is very broad.

After Agile center is completed, the leaders will introduce six-star property management, and provide various forms business activities for CEOs settled, bringing the owner wealth appreciation .And at the same time, agile headquarters will be in the center. What’s more the center only be in the form of leasing stall instead selling, and agile is goning to provide the follow-upto the owners to ensure a unified and efficient operations management.