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March. 2014, Guangzhou Fortune Centre project of Huatong floorboard starts (60 thousand square meter


Guangzhou Fortune Centre (Super First Office Building)

Guangzhou Fortune Centre is located in the core centre of CBD in Zhujiang new city of Guangzhou. It is 309 high and has 69 floors. The super first office building is brand new, high grade, unit founder, nothing indoor and high utilization rate. The department recommended is located in High-level full-thickness (2800 square meters).

Guangzhou Fortune Centre is international high standard office building that was built by Yuexiu real estate which has about 30 –year-experience of comprehensive development and operation in real estate. After building one of the global top ten supertall buildings -- the Guangzhou International Financial Center, the Yuexiu real estate learns from the lessons and builds this office building withdevelop and forward-looking vision. Guangzhou Fortune Centre will satisfy the international office needs of high-end customers with good quality and humanized service system, which also will be the world's high-end business office building.

This project is located in the east of central axis of CBD in Zhujiang New city and in the most open place of central axis. The design of main tower building is About 30 degrees counterclockwise deflection, which maximize the southern landscape and show the world that Guangzhou Zhujiang new city has the most flourishing business value. The top level design of office building expresses that the office function is good and customers are honorable, which effectively isolates irrelevant flow of stream of people in shopping mall and in noisy restaurant, and the non-office complex flow. And the design is for high-end customers at home and aboard who are looking for superior office environment. The project adopts the modern business management mode—only rent not sell and the property is owned by Yuexiu real estate that designs and meets the needs for high-end customers, and fully protects the customer rights. Guangzhou Fortune Centre is managed by International Management Company and is provided the high quality service all the year.

Address:  Zhujiang dong road NO. 28 of Zhujiang New City in Tianhe Area in GUangzhou

Developer: Fortune Centre in Guangzhou Yuexiu city Construction Develop Group

Property management: Guangzhou Yuexiu city construction property service corporation

The total floor: 68 floors over ground, 4 floors under ground( B1-B4 parking lot, 1-3F court of law and aisle in Zhujiang new city, 4Fmeeting centre, 5-68floor super first office building, 4/32/5/OF finicial floor)

Standard floor area: about 2800

Total building area: 211181

Storey height: Standard floor:4.2m, net height3m

Financial floor: 4.8m, net height3.3m

Air-conditioning: It adopts the VAV air-conditioning system and every floor has 2 air-conditions, which are installed in core machine room. Each floor has about 70 sets VAV boxes. Vertical air conditioning refrigeration system adopts different programs.  Centralized air processing and the design of heat recovery can provide the external air conditioning mode in transition season.