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InApril 2014, Beijing Yinfeng SOHO project of HuatongFloor start working(CIS type slot floor 42000 s


The original "Wangjing SOHO"changed its name as"Yinfeng SOHO" in 17, December, 2012. YinfengSOHO is located in Beijing, Chaoyang District.In 2009 September, SOHO Chinese spent 4,000 million yuan to get the project, and it is the first one which Pandanyi take in Beijing in 5 years.

1 Introduction

One year later, in mid December, 2010, Yinfeng SOHO sales center start building. In June 25, 2011, model room will be officially opened.

2 the scale of development

Wangjing B29 project construction in Chaoyang District,with a total area of 48,152.523 square meters, planning construction area is 392,265 square meters, land for the nature of "commercial finance". The lowest price of the plot is 1,513.4 million yuan, the eventually price of SOHO is 4,000 million yuan, premium rate is 164.3%, the floor price is 10,197 yuan per square meter. The project will be positioned as the first symbol construction of the Capital International Airport, as the first-high building of Wangjing, and the planning height is 200 meters.

On December 25,2012,the main body of theT1 and T2 tower are successfully completed, the SOHO China limited company’s chairman-Pan Shiyi issued the message.