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The project of Shanghai volley SOHO started in April, 2014 (steel floor 100,000 square meters)


SOHO China successfully delisted the “Airport No.15 plot”, next to Shanghai Hongqiao transportation hub in Aug. 2010.

The land is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Economic Zone, adjacent to Shanghai Hongqiao transport hub, covering 86,146.1 square meters. The planning construction area is 215410 square meters while it will be 350,000 square meters after completation

The project is called Hongqiao Volley SOHO

Shanghai Hongqiao transportation hub is the focal point of airport, high-speed railway, subway and other means of transportation, containing 2 runways, 24 waiting floors, 30 high-speed rail, 5 subway lines. After it all open, the daily throughput will up to 1.4 million passengers. And it will be the largest transportation hub in the world and the most dynamic regions in Shanghai.

SOHO China will invite the world-renowned architect Zzha Hadid as their Chief Architect

Use: retailing; working

Architect: Zzha hadid

Address: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Economic Zone

Covering: 350,000 square meters