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  • 1981.3 Manufacturing Shielding Computer Room Equipment
  • 1984.4 Manufacturing First-Generation Antistatic Access Floor
  • 1986.1 Decorating Computer Room
  • 1987.6 Manufacturing Aluminum Compound Antistatic Access Floor
  • 1988.3 Manufacturing Compound Aluminum Wall and Ceiling
  • 1993.5 Import Foreign Technology and Equipment of Manufacturing Steel Access Floor& Establish Process Line

  • High-end office building

    Huatong floor system not only occupies the absolute share in the domestic market of access floor, but also exported all over the world. Like USA, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Southeast Asia and Middle Eas

  • Data center and computer room

    Applied to the large computer room, communication center, all kinds of electrical control rooms, post and telecommunication center

  • Clean room and high-tech factory

    Since 1980, Huatong established the clean room market from level 1 (ISO 3) to 100000 (ISO 8) which covers application in biomedical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor clean room market).